Shifting Lines

Onsite, Hybrid & Online Events

Shifting Lines is a solo Contemporary Middle Eastern dance work. Interweaving dance, lighting, fabric, music, film and space to transform the human body. Hauntingly beautiful, meditative and hypnotic.

Range of audience experiences including sitting and watching to gallery style, where audiences become part of the work.

Designed to play in a variety of venues: theatres, dance studios, townhalls, office spaces, laneways.

Online and hybrid presentations offer compatible experiences to those in real life.

Length and delivery are tailored to the event.

Travel with a self-contained team and equipment.

Contact Laura to discuss a production for your space. Dance over here to learn more about other availbale dances.

Creative Team

Laura Osweiler | Dancer, Choreographer, Videographer, Audio Describer
Paul Osborne | Lighting Designer
Cassie To | Composer
Lux Eterna | Film Maker
Sarah Houbolt | Audio Description Consultant

Journey with the solo dancing body. The concrete body is the conduit, the catalyst. Into haunting images. Hypnotising. Mesmerizing. Thoughts slip into a disappearing self. Morphing into the present body. Body consciousness. Traces of movement in space and time.

It was at once an art exhibition, a performance, an invitation to move. It was engaging, thought provoking and fun and I left a little braver than when I entered the room.

– Robyn Price

I felt the work was about empowering the individual to get in touch with their own movement…. I was impressed with not only the visual patterns you can create but also the emotional impact different movements can have.

– Carolyn Holmes-Hannaford

What you are doing with the online delivery and how you consider access is really great.

– Sarah Houbolt

I appreciated as an online participant the time and opportunity provided to explore the range of options to interact and observe…. I felt that the online the real time experience was enhanced through experiencing this with others both online and with those attending in person.

– Stephanie Tatzenko


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Engagement & community reach opportunities include

  • Audiences become part of the immersive dance work
  • Create a new dance with local artists based on Shifting Lines
  • Workshops on Shifting Lines choreographic processes, lighting & movement, Middle Eastern dance and fusion dance
  • Talks and Q&As
  • Performances of Belly dance and Middle Eastern folk dance

Production History

2021 Shifting Lines / Shifted (Hybrid Format) at March Dance Festival

2019 Shifting Lines (Gallery Format) at Brand X and TWT Creative Precinct Event, Art Monthly in Sydney & March Dance Sydney

2019 Shifting Lines / Segments (Stage Format) at The Austin Belly Dance Convention in the USA


Shifting Lines / Shifted

Dance March Festival, Critical Path, City of Sydney, Create NSW and Australia Council for the Arts

Shifting Lines

Commissioned by Brand X

Development at AusDance NSW’s DAIR program with residencies at Australian College of Physical Education (2016) and Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (2018) and Critical Path’s Open Studio (2016 & 2017)

Access includes

  • Audio Description
  • Captioning
  • Wheelchair space
  • Crip Time