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For over 20 years Dr Laura (Amara) Dances has produced belly dance and dance productions in the United States and Australia. Her events focus on building opportunites for all skill levels and styles.

The Austin Belly Dance Convention (2014-2022)

By the end 2014, Amara and Tatianna became the new co-producers of the ABDC. They added their own mark by widening its scope to include all forms of Middle Eastern dance and dancers of all skill levels. They connected with musicians, costumers, vendors, artists, scholars, educators, photographers and videographers. Amara and Tatianna supported local artists by promoting them in national and international markets. Simultaneously, they raised the ABDC’s visibility. The team worked towards this by advertising in national belly dance magazines, expanding the social media footprint, and redesigning the website and marketing materials. Behind the scenes, they restructured administrative tasks to help create a smooth-running event. One that is fun for participants, staff and volunteers.

Visit the ABDC website and Read Reviews.

Amara Dances and Ozzy press

Parramasala Festival (2018-2020)

Laura was Assistant Producer (Dance) of a multicultural event and Western Sydney’s largest festival. In 2019, she produced in partnership with FORM Dance Projects ‘The Survival Kit of the Cultural Dancer’. In 2018 she Curator of the Contemporary Dance Series at Riverside Theatres and Assistant Producer for Festival.

Amara Dances Parramasala Production

Tarab (May & Aug 2013)

Created and co-produced with Amae two workshop and performance series with a focus on improvisation and live music.

X–MED (2006, 2007, 2013 LA, CA; 2011 Austin, TX)

Co-produced initially with Djahari Clark, Elayssa and Anaheed was an intensive three day seminar on Experimental Middle Eastern Dance. The first of its kind, this workshop series created a pedagogy and a training ground for an emerging dance form. It continued a supportive approach to experimental Middle Eastern dance and theater. All workshop were co-taught and offered students different points of view and experiences on each topic. In addition, the performances with Q&A allowed audiences an opportunity to see applications of experimental Middle Eastern dance technique while continuing the learning process.

An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance (EEMED) (2000-2008, 2013, LA)

Amara produced this revolutionary concert (and videos) where Local, National and International dancers presented cutting edge dances. Based in the Middle Eastern dance, choreographers made traditional borders, edges, and standard representations visible by playing in-between and pushing past them into a new fringe space. The shows launched many intercultural dance careers and changed the face of American Middle Eastern Dance.

Read more.

Amara Dances EEMED production

Improvisational Dance Series (2011)

Amara produced a workshop and concert series at Galaxy Dance Studio in Austin, Texas, presenting 9 different types of improvisational dance, including Belly Dance, Bharata Natyam, Bollywood, Butoh, Contemporary, 5Rhythms, Hip Hop, Tango, and West African.

Amara Dances Improvisation series production

Amara’s Showcase (2001)

Amara produced a monthly performance at Pars Restaurant in Los Angeles, CA, which allowed dancers of all levels to perform in a nightclub venue.

Amara Dances Cafe Beledy double veil belly dance archive photo 12

Belly Dance Buffet (2000)

Co-produced with Anaheed and Marguerite in Los Angeles, CA a day of performances and workshops to give the Middle Eastern dance community alternative ways to approach the dance form.

Amara Dances belly dance buffet LA

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