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Ready to Dance?

Laura/Amara has several dance paths to choose from: belly dance, contemporary choreography, fitness, teacher training and coaching. You can join her in-person or on-line at Zoom or Patreon. Learn more about how Patreon works.


Laura/Amara is known for her personalized attention to student needs. She wants teachers, dancers and students to be the best that they can be at any given time. Amara stresses a strong foundation while helping individuals achieve their goals and enjoy their practice of learning. As the result of working closely with students, she in turn learns from them and continues to expand her teaching methods.


Dr. Laura (Amara) Osweiler has over thirty years of teaching experience with more than twenty of them in teaching dance studio and fitness classes for beginners to professional levels. While attending graduate school, Laura took courses in dance pedagogy. There she had opportunities to design and teach accredited courses in dance. These allowed her to continue developing her own method of teaching while gaining invaluable insights and feedback from top dance therapists and educators.


Since then, Laura/Amara has taught accredited courses at Cal Poly Pomona, University of California Riverside and University of California Los Angeles, continuing adult education classes at the Learning Tree and Golden Oaks in Los Angeles. Additionally, she is taught workshops at a number of universities, colleges and festivals. In 2007, Laura began developing the seminar series ‘How to Teach Dance’ She saw a need for new and seasoned studio teachers to learn and practice new pedagogical methods. As a result, she turned this material into Training 4 Dance Teachers.


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