Falling into Weighted Time

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Falling into Weighted Time

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About the New Work

Experience a moment of Collapsing while Conscious where boundaries between awake and sleep blur. Time slows down, gravity intensifies and boundaries of perception expand. A delicate negotiation between strength and surrender. A dance bungee is a lifeline.

Falling into Weighted Time is a new solo dance in which I share my personal journey of living with Narcolepsy Type 1, a neurological sleep disorder and one of its symptoms, Cataplexy, the body goes into REM stage, muscles weaken, while the mind is awake.

Entwining Middle Eastern dance with physio exercises-turned-dance, I transform a dance bungee into a support apparatus to find solace and physical stability. With the exquisite talents of my collaborators, we’re creating a captivating and immersive work that demonstrates the transformative power of dance has in reshaping connection with ourselves and chronic health conditions.

Over the course of my 30-year career, I’ve always used dance to manage my health. However, Falling into Weighted Time places my identity as a dancer with disability into the forefront. I take material developed out of my personal practice of using dance to manage my lived experiences of Collapsing while Conscious episodes and translate them into choreography and performance.

This project is part of my platform to raise awareness about Narcolepsy and artists with disability. Through the moving and powerful framework of dance, I share information, dispel myths, reduce stigma about sleep and pacing and demonstrate that those with lived experiences have vital information to share.

Creative Team

Laura Osweiler | Dancer, Choreographer, Script
Paul Osborne | Lighting Designer
Imogen Yang | Audio Description
Aleisa Jelbart | Costume Designer
Sarah Houbolt | Audio Description Consultant

Audience Sharing Comments

You bring the ephemeral essense of dance to another level – you are present with these issues and performing.

– Sonia York-Pryce | Interdisciplinary Artist | Dr. Visual Arts

Laura showed us that Narcolepsy fight is far from over as well as the fact that Narcolepsy can be fought with. She used a very new form of visual description and dance therapy…. Her efforts to provide a dance module and interventions for Narcoleptics will raise more awareness on the adversities that Narcoleptics face on a daily basis as well as globally.

– Niloufar Heshmati Manesh
Researcher in Dance and Narcolepsy

I found the way you combined Middle Eastern dance with self-care practices to be fascinating. It made for a uniquely interesting style of movement. It was great to see the movement and understand how you came to it

– Richard Cilli | Rehearsal Director | Sydney Dance Company

Laura is such a unique artist and her area of cataplexy body movements and education components need to be shared with the dance sector and arts & science sector on a state, national and international level.

– Anonymous Attendee

Laura was very generous with her time and welcomed an open dialogue regarding her practice. It was a real privilege to see Laura perform, and I appreciated that time was made to create a safe and respectful environment for the performance to take place.

– Marsha Canning | Museum and Gallery Officer | Hurstville Museum & Gallery

I enjoyed Laura using the equipment and watching her fight the cataplexy and then also her beautiful smooth body movements and then pulsating body movements.

– Anonymous Attendee

I love how succinctly you were able to capture the relationship between the arts (dance) and health and that you so openly share your experience of disability, describing your own access needs. Not only does it normalise access and inform others not intersecting with the disability community to understand, but it creates a space where everyone regardless of disability status can benefit from being able to identify and express their own access needs, it makes for a much kinder world- to self and others.

– Casey Gray | Independent Artist

I was so moved and inspired by how Laura has taken her personal experience and challenges to her well-being, and have not only embraced everything as part of who she is, but have graciously, proudly, and bravely invited us all in by creating this dance piece.

– Rena Orenstein | Pubic Health Professor @ UCLA

I really appreciated your direct engagement with your audience throughout. I particularly enjoyed learning one of your movements and getting a sense of your movement language through the experience of my own moving body.

– Alex Craig | Independent Artist

I just couldn’t help but feel there’d be amazing broader applications of taking it to people outside the disability community so they can really get a sense of what it’s like. And even as a person within the disability community, I certainly appreciate trying to understand other kinds of experiences of other people with disability. I’ve got goosebumps.

Casey Hagan | Independent Artist

I liked the way Laura guided us through what felt like a meditative state that focussed on any body part and how I could fully invested my mind, energy and time into that body part, asking it what it felt like, hot, warm or cold, firm, bouncy or soft, stretching it or confining it. I actually enjoyed it.

– Anonymous Attendee

It was interesting to see the process from the inside and to have a better understanding of how Laura experiences the world and how she is using her practice to share her experience with the audience. Looking forward to seeing how this work develops.

– Anonymous Attendee

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