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Videographer and Dancer: Dr Laura (Amara) Osweiler
Music: Greg Osweiler
Duration: 1.30 mins

Presented at the Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance. Developed for -Scape Digital Dance Residency.
Supported by Australian Council for the Arts.

MOVING CENTER – The Hypnotic and Emotive Belly (film)

Concept and Dancer: Dr Laura (Amara) Osweiler
Music: Cassie To
Lighting Concept: Paul Osborne
Film: Lux Eterna
Duration: 5.45 mins

Commissioned by the Parramasala Festival, Parramatta, Australia. Also supported by AusDance NSW, Australian College of Physical Education, Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre and Critical Path.

DANCING INTO THE UNKNOWN – Legacy (film and live presentation)

Dr Laura (Amara) Osweiler activates her legacy of Middle Eastern dance performance practice (not just performing but also preparing for performing) that thrives in Unknown and Unpredictable landscapes as a lifeline into another one of her legacies, chronic diseases.

Duration: 15 & 30 mins available.

Supported by The Bold Festival, Canberra, Australia.

In Memory. For our dancing sister, Jililah. (film)

Concept and Dancer: Dr Laura (Amara) Osweiler
Film: Pamela Sanchez of Koi Pond Productions
Duration: 2.20 mins

Supported by Galaxy Dance Studios, Austin, TX.

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