An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance

Between 2000 and 2008 and again in 2013, Amara annually produced An Evening of Experimental Middle Eastern Dance (EEMED).

Though the greater Los Angeles area was home to one of the largest and stylistically varied populations of professional Middle Eastern dancers, at that time there were almost no venues in which innovative Middle Eastern dancers could perform. Local, National and International dancers produced cutting edge works exclusively for EEMED. Their pieces, based in the Middle Eastern dance idiom, make traditional borders, edges, and standard representations visible by playing in-between and pushing past them into a new fringe space.

EEMED gave these dancers the opportunity to perform their works over several nights, allowing them to fully explore and experience their pieces and characters. The concert was also unique with its extensive lighting design, fixed stage space, and option for scenery; things rarely available to Middle Eastern dancers. In order to assure quality, each work, often at least a year in the planning, went through an audition process. Such nurturing and attention opened up new and exciting avenues of expression. In 2001, EEMED concerts became available on video, allowing national and international audiences to appreciate and participate in this unique body of work.

EEMED received much attention in the Middle Eastern dance community and the greater Los Angeles media. Numerous reviews had been written commending the show’s originality, thought-provoking nature and deep emotional impressions. EEMED also had the honour of being LA Weekly’s “Dance Pick of the Week” (2005), cover story for The Argonaut (2004), and LA Beat’s dance pick in “7 Days in LA” (2003).

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