Dancing into the Unknown

Health & Performance Merge

Dancing into the Unknown is a collection of projects. I examine Middle Eastern dance performance practice not just in terms of performing but also preparing for performing and using that as a support mechanism for dealing with chronic conditions. I have taken tools and tactics I have learned from my own performance practice and also those I’ve developed over the years assisting others through the own performance journeys and applied this to a very personal experience of dealing with disability.

Enjoy watching Dr Laura (Amara) Osweiler’s Dance films, featuring Belly dance, Middle Eastern dance & Contemporary dance. She is available for film presentations & commissions. Contact her to discuss your needs and interests. Watch more videos in the gallery.
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Dancing Into the Unknown | Neuropathy & Water

Videographer & Dancer: Dr Laura (Amara) Osweiler
Music: Greg Osweiler
Duration: 1.30 mins
Presented at the Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance. Developed for -Scape Digital Dance Residency.
Supported by Australian Council for the Arts.

Dancing into the Unknown | Performance Practice

Workshop (4 hours)

How do you feel about performing? Do you need some kinder, gentler ways to prepare, execute and reflect? Do you want to have a different perception? Do you wonder how everyday life and performance practice can support each other, and developing performance practice as a healing art? If you are like me and say ‘yes’ then come on in! Even if you say ‘no’ but are curious… All are welcomed! We will use a mixture of fun and tranquil tools and experiences to be present, open and fluid, increase the trust in your body’s leadership skills, inhabit a secure presence while things happen in and around you and connect with those in your space. Bring a mat, towel, silk veil or fans.

Presented: The Austin Belly Dance Convention

Dancing into the Unknown | Legacy

Film & verbal presentation with captions.
Duration: 15-30 mins

In this film & verbal presentation I activate my legacy of Middle Eastern dance performance practice (not just performing but also preparing for performing) that thrives in Unknown and Unpredictable landscapes as a lifeline into another one of my legacies, chronic diseases. I use film of my past and current choreographies to tell my journey.

Presented: Bold Festival, Canberra

Dancing into the Unknown | Discovering Pure Conscious Body

Interact with Laura’s practice-based research. She’ll take you through her personal history of how dance and health increasingly intertwine to manage chronic illnesses. And how a lifetime of both have led her to experiences of being a body without language.

Duration: 20 mins

Presented: Bold Festival, Canberra