Amara Dances

Dr Laura Osweiler

International Dance Instructor, Choreographer, Performer, Producer & Scholar in Sydney & Online


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Amara Daces, squatting low to the ground holding a dance bungee.


Dr Laura Osweiler / Amara Dances is one of the most versatile and diverse Middle Eastern dancers. She held long–term dance engagements in Los Angeles, Las Vegas & Austin.

Her dynamic belly dance shows are fun & entertaining for all audiences & events.

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Amara Dances and Ozzy homd
Amara Dances Shifting Lines home


Laura is a leader & innovator in Contemporary and Experimental Middle Eastern dance.

She was the former director of Ya Helewa! Dance Company in the USA.

Laura’s current practice interweaves dance, movement, film, music, audio description and health. And she employs communication technologies to support access and engage with audiences in different locations.

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As an instructor, Amara offers personalized attention to students in her online dance & Bellates fitness classes in Sydney, Australia and around the world.

Amara stresses a strong foundation while helping individuals achieve their goals.

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Amara Dances red belly dance costume
Amara Dances red belly dance costume


Laura supports dance communities by producing a variety of inclusive & diverse dance events in the USA & Australia.

Her internationally recognised productions includes festivals, workshops & concerts.

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Laura is deeply involved with studying and researching Middle Eastern dance and the relationship of health and dance. She is also a disability advocate and consultant.

She holds a PhD in Dance History and Theory from the UC Riverside, a BA in Music History and Literature and a certificate in Ethnomusicology from The Florida State University and worked towards an MA and MFA in Dance at UCLA.

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Amara Dances as Egyptian Ella
Amara Dances double veils

Laura/Amara has been featured on Television shows & magazines and over 15 commercial videos.

The International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (IAMED) called her a Star of Belly Dance & named her Instructor of the Month.

Her project Shifting Lines is a case study for the Australia Councils of the Arts’ Digital Strategy.

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