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Ya Helewa Belly Dance Troupe

Ya Helewa! is a collection of a variety of lovely, experienced dancers who bring an exciting dimension to Middle Eastern Dance.

The troupe performs most of the Traditional and Folkloric dances from the Middle East, as well as American Cabaret Belly Dance, and modern and experimental styles which will captivate any audience.

Meet the Troupe Members...
Director: Amara

Amara is one of the most versatile dancers in the U.S. as her repertory includes traditional and experimental improvisations and choreographies. She has held long-term performing engagements at several nightclubs and restaurants and is featured in several commercial videos. Amara teaches dance studio classes and is an instructor at Cal Poly, Pomona. In addition, she is Director of Ya Helewa!, Producer of EEMED and Co-producer of X-MED. She holds a degree in Music History and Literature and a certificate in Ethnomusicology (FSU) and worked towards an MA and MFA in Dance (UCLA). Currently, she is a doctoral candidate in Dance History and Theory (UCR).

Ida Clare

Ida Clare has been performing and studying Middle Eastern dance with Amara for over 8 years and performing with Ya Helewa! for over 6. Her performances include Amara's EEMED for five years running, Desert Sin's Sita's Fire, Musée de Femmes and Labyrinth of Jareth, IAMED's Bellydance Rocks!, Café Beledy, Cairo Carnivale, and MECDA's Central Coast Festival. Ida also appears in numerous MECDA, Evening of Experimental Dance, and Desert Sin videos. She is a graduate of Bella Beretta's Girl School and her burlesque performances include Bella's Vegas to Vine fundraiser, multiple "Best of Girl School" nights, and Lift's Solid Gold New Years.


Jalilah began belly dancing when she fell in love with this form of dance after traveling throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East. Jalilah performs both as a soloist and as a member of the Ya Helewa! dance company. Starting at the age of four, Jalilah studied ballet, jazz, and tap. In Hawaii, Jalilah has also had the opportunity to study both Tahitian and Hawaiian dance. Jalilah can be seen belly dancing at Ventura's popular Greek at the Harbor restaurant and various other festivals and events throughout Southern California.


Janel has studied various dance styles since the age of three. She currently studies Middle Eastern Dance with Amara. On a recent trip to Egypt, she had the opportunity to take workshops with Raqia Hassan and Diana. Janel is a core dancer with Ya Helewa! that can be seen performing at Rakkasah, Café Beledy, and EEMED. She has performed in many venues as a soloist such as Café Beledy and Moun of Tunis restaurant. Janel is also a singer and an actress and can be seen performing at local venues. She has a BFA in Acting from Brigham Young University.


Tova has been intrigued by the art of Middle Eastern dance for as long as she can remember. Currently, she studies the dance with Amara. As a member of Ya Helewa! dance company, Tova has performed at various events, including EEMED, X-MED, Rakkasah, and Cairo Carnivale as well as with Desert Sin in their production, Sita's Fire and with Malice Dreaming at Labyrinth of Jareth. In addition to dancing, Tova received her Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering with a minor in the Russian language from Cal State Northridge. Her passion lies in astronomy, food, traveling, and many genres of music and dance..

If you would like to hire Ya Helewa! to perform at your next party or event, please call Amara at
(512) 694-3679
or send an e-mail.