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Belly Dance Performances and Events

Amara is one of the premiere Belly Dancers and instructors and is well versed in a wide variety of genres such as American, Egyptian, and Turkish cabaret, Staged-Folklore from the Middle East and North Africa, and Experimental. She captivates audiences of all ages with her stunning performances, which often include sword, veil, multiple veils, candles and candelabra, stick and cane, zils (finger cymbals), and floor work.

Amara is available for both corporate or private events, including weddings, birthdays, wrap parties, and more!.

To book Amara, please call 413 101 973 or email

Amara's Specialties

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Amara Veil
Amara Stick
Amara Belly Dance
Amara Belly Dance Amara also performs as original characters, such as "Egyptian Ella."

Visit the Lively Arts History Association web site to see a performance. (Note, it is a very large file and takes several minutes to download.)

Photography by Herb Kissling, Michale Baxter, Leora, Val, and Yvonne Keliman