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A Review of Dr. Laura Osweller’s Injury Prevention for Dancers
and Movers Class: A Must Do! By Phillip Shurtleff

Published in Opa. Aug./Sept. 2012: 1.

Humankind’s understanding of the world is constantly changing and old ideas can quickly fall out of favor. Bellydance is no exception and we’re blessed with the good fortune to have the welleducated experience of Amara right here in Austin. Her class “Injury Prevention for Dancers and Movers” is an up-to-date, detailed explanation of the kinds of injuries you can encounter in bellydance, how to avoid them, and how to be sure you’re teacher is being safe with you. For a very reasonable fee, you’ll get knowledge that will help keep you out of the doctor’s office or even the emergency room.

The class was mostly lecture with a short bit of time spent going through a warm up and cool down routine at the end. We studied twenty-six different topics including awareness, when to call 911, benefits and drawbacks of your dance form, balancing your body condition, various types of stretching, warm ups and cool downs, hydration, and nutrition. I found that some of my knowledge was out-of-date, learned a few things I didn’t previously know (and I completed massage therapy training some years ago), reminded of a few things I forgot, and even a little bit of advice for improving my lifelong body posture. Every student, teacher,
parent, or any person otherwise connected to dance would be wise to take this course. Even if you have years of experience, it’s avaluable update to keep your knowledge current.

For more information, go to I strongly recommend
this course for everyone because it really does give you the current knowledge on preventing injuries to yourself and others.

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