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Belly Dance Performances and Events

Amara just moved to Sydney. Subscribe to Amara's newsletter to keep up with new classes, workshops, and shows. Please watch this page for information on upcoming events where Amara. If you would like to hire Amara to perform at your next party or event, please e-mail Amara or call 0413 101 973.

Amara belly dance

Performances & Events for 2017:

Amara will be teaching Traditional Choreographic Process Workshop via Skype.

Learn the three main movement categories and common quality characteristics to make endless variations. Unpack and analyse music in order to understand how to express and engage with it. Experience tarab, the relationship developed between performer and audience, through variations in energy, gaze and spatial proximity. Investigate differences within the primary show structure and how movement, music and tarab impact it. Discover how to shift from traditional improvisational methods, to structured improvisations, to set choreography.
Contact Amara if interested:

Feb 10

Amara AusDance NSW DAIR Residencey Showing
3.00 pm

10 Parkview Dr
Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127
RSVP to for catering.

March 11

Threads of Classic American Belly Dance

2.00 - 4.00 pm

QL2 Dance
55 Ainslie Avenue
Braddon ACT 2612

Come learn how to add American Belly Dance into your style. This classic, high energy, audience pleasing form blends dances from all over the Middle East with American popular culture. Also, explore which aspects of its movements, styling, structure and choreographic processes laid foundations in other forms, such as Tribaret, American Tribal Style, Improvisational Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion, Theatrical Belly dance, and Experimental belly dance.

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March 8 -12

Amara will present, teach and perform at the Bold Festival
Canberra ACT

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June 23-25 Amara belly dance

Amara will be teaching and performing at the Austin Belly Dance Convention 2017

Friday, June 23: 1:30-3:30 pm: Choreographic Processes - Two Fold
Come have fun exploring the inner workings of creating choreography through a two prong approach. First, we will investigate the processes that go into creating “traditional” Middle Eastern choreography, including analyzing music, organizing your arsenal of moves, and using improvisation to create choreography. Then we will shift into experimental processes, such as fusing street dance and Middle Eastern dance and employing the rhizome as a metaphor and source of inspiration. Skill level: All levels.

Saturday, June 24: 9:00 am-12:00 pm: Exploring the World of the Drum Solo with Ozzy and Amara
Understand both sides of the drum solo equation from world renowned Darbuka player Ozzy and dancer Amara. Through combos, drills, and improvisational tools, you will study the most important aspects of performing with a live drummer. Learn drum sounds and rhythms and moves that work with them. Dissect important transitions in order to get the most out of nuances and enhance your show. Explore the structure of an Arab drum solo including how they are composed and improvised. Understand the relationship between drummer and dancer and how to maximize your time on stage together. 
Skill level: All levels.

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Photography by Michael Baxter